Central Venues at The Junior Premier League

The Central Venue Fixtures (CVF) concept was developed to create an environment where all coaches, players, and parents from Under 8 to Under 10 can come together to learn in a safe environment in one central location.

The Junior Premier League offers quality facilities throughout its CVF network, providing a demonstrable football pathway for clubs with teams with age groups from Under 8 to Under 10 within the league demographics. All venues are checked and monitored by the Junior Premier League to ensure that each meets the exceptional standards the league demands.

Central Venue games are played on Saturdays throughout the country. Match days are different from traditional leagues, with all games being played over 3 periods (U12s and above games are played over 4 periods). This format allows more coaching points during breaks and reduces the need for coaching from the sideline during play.

This season, Central Venue Fixtures will operate with referees supplied by the Junior Premier League for all games at Under 8 to Under 10.

As a league focused on the development of young players, we demand the best and safest environment. In line with FA RESPECT guidance, players are encouraged to play within the laws and spirit of the game, duly supported by the coaches and parents.

Matchday standards:

• One hour match time – 3 x 17 minutes with 3 minutes break between periods

• Referees included for All Under 8 to Under 10 Games and a central venue manager at every site to help create the right environment

• 66% playing time for all players

• Minimum FA Level 2 Coaches

• Upload Match Data – via our website secure logins

• Age-appropriate size pitches and goals

• ‘Best against the best’ focusing on the development of the players

If you want to play your youngest teams in the best environment for development then please email us at enquiries@junior-premier.co.uk