JPL Inspire coming soon

The JPL is proud to launch the JPL Inspire League, our first dedicated competitive regional girls league.

The JPL Inspire League launches in London in September 2021. Our hub-based model is across 3 premium 3G facilities providing players the best possible environment to develop their love of the game and supporting busy parents with less drive time and premium facilities.

To start we will offer divisions for U10, U12, U14, and U16. We’ve also looked to modernise the classic English league structure to meet the needs of today’s players.

Our Head of Girls football, Pamela Johnson will work closely with the FA Talent ID Team to spot potential Lionesses and ensure they are on the right development path.

JPL Inspire is an exciting addition to the national family of JPL leagues across England offering the highest standards within youth football. Our aim is to offer the players and coaches the opportunity to develop in an environment that has been developed through over a decade of experience running player-focused leagues.

Our development over results model sees our players reaching the highest level of football across the country. Many of our players already playing in the JPL have progressed into the elite pathway.

Please email for further details on how to be involved in the best new girls league in London.

To apply please click here