U16 - Midlands North Division

  • competition : U16 - Midlands North Division
  • date : 15/12/2018
  • time : 09:30
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Match Report

cold morning ,warmed up by a fine game

Great start for both sides few chances either end ,2nd period home side came out and continued to play from the back and some great passage of play 7-8 passes drawing the away side out and working them probing at goaland up pops bh and strikes for 1-0 ,then ml a few minutes makes it two ,,,3rd period stafford played with passion and desire and still in the game ,a silly free kick given away delivered in and stafford stick it in the back of net 2-1 and game on the away side having their best period and luckily whistle blows for end 3rd period .as explained to the boys all teams have a turn in the game ,this is why chances should be taken ,anyway out for the 4th period a few changes and move into a 4-3-3 with fullbacks bombing on ,it was a aggresive attacking display with the 3 forwards on at once ,with another forward today covering at the back today as a few poorly ,up pops the captain who today led by example today and chips the keeper with a 25 yard shot ,,boom 3-1 ,and that broke the hearts of staff , the home side was hitting top gear with 2 more great worked goals from dane and a solo nesta ,performing a john barnes run past 4 players to slot home .this was a great game to watch and wish stafford all the best for the secound half the season ,im sure these boys will start getting the results to compliment how they play ,,,cheers 

  • RTC Bham St Georges
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  • Stafford Rangers Fc
RTC Bham St Georges stats
NO name Goals G S B
Harrison Parker
Nabeel Subedar
Justin Burns
Mckenzie Jack Humphreys
Brett Hardiman 1
Nesta Bailey 1
Oliver Clifford
Charlie Giblin
Oliver Gethin 1
Oliver Cook
Ryan Wood
Niall Sean Clarke
Myles James Lowe 1
Dane Bees 1
NO name Goals G S B
Brook Hogg
Ryan Burgess
Christian Rush
Lumumba Assumani
Jonathan Barber
Cameron Sunley
Connor Mckie
Justice Emekwuru
Cameron Park
Finley Field
Nathaneal Ighavbota
Liam Thacker
Joshua Bowen 1
Ethan Stubbs