U15 - West South Division

  • Taunton Town FC
    Daniel Thorne 22
  • 1 - 10
  • RTC North Somerset
    Ernie COOKSLEY 20, 45, Elliot MOORE 65, Luke NEWMAN 50, Declan POPHAM 60, 70, Matthew JESSOP 25, Freddie KING 61, 69, Eoin AUSTEN 50
  • competition : U15 - West South Division
  • date : 15/12/2018
  • time : 10:30
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Match Report

Taunton Youth U15 v RTC North Somerset U15

The morning initially started clear with only the threat of drizzle, soon after kick off, conditions deteriorated and was such, that both teams struggled to keep their feet and control the ball in the latter stages of the match. 

1st Quarter

The first quarter saw tentative beginnings from both teams with play flowing back and forth. Taunton appeared to lack energy, something which was apparent after North Somerset won a second corner. The ball was cleared for a throw in, however rather than closing and ensuring North Somerset were restricted with time on the ball, in, pass, pass shot - goal. North Somerset opened the scoring with no real effort, but an effective finish. A dissapointing start for Taunton. 0 - 1.

2nd Quarter

Substituations made with Dan Thorne coming on for Ali Alhunsi and Calum Griffiths for Josh Gartland-Turner. With direction to play with more energy and desire from the off Taunton had a point to prove. Winning the ball in the Taunton half a nice combination move saw Dan within sight of goal, oppotunity taken and Taunton level the score within two minutes of the start. Game on!

Intensity from both teams was high. Some good football from both teams with Taunton's defence holding strong. A solid line was held by Matt Dodden, Charlie White and Albert, with one slip just before the end of the quarter allowing North Somerset to edge back ahead just before half time. Score 1 - 2.

3rd Quarter

Ollie Wright and Billy Bradbury off, Ali and Josh back on. The forth quarter started positively with Taunton aiming to bring the scoreline level. Unfortunately, a run of great play from North Somerset showed the quality they have in their side and over a fifteen minute period Taunton concedes 5 goals. Score 1 - 7.

4th Quarter

Final rotatation and Zach Sydenham and Spencer Herbison have their time on the bench. Determined to win the fourth quarterTaunton push forward, but by this time the rain was hard, the temperature was cold and any form of ball control was difficult. Despite valient efforts from Taunton, North Somerset grew into the game and finished the fourth quarter with another three goals. Final score 1 - 10.

Despite the scoreline positives are still to be had. The momentum and effort of the second quarter was the best reply to the first's slow start seen this season. Flashes of brilliance, fortitude what can be achieved were apparent throughout the match. Moving forward, if consistantly maintained, commincation, decision making with the choice of the right pass will mean more positve results. 

Player Awards: Taunton

Gold - Matthew Dodden

Silver - Charlie White

Bronze - Albert Hacker

Player Awards: RTC North Somerset

Gold - Freddie King

Silver - Cameron Byron

Bronze - Joseph Dyas

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Taunton Town FC stats
NO name Goals G S B
Oliver Wright
Billy Bradbury
Charlie Buckley
Spencer Herbison
Daniel Thorne 1
Ali Alhusni
Charlie White
Jack Holmwood
Albert Hacker
Calum Griffiths
Matthew Dodden
Zach Sydenham
Joshua Gartland-Turner
NO name Goals G S B
Charlie BIGGS
Freddie KING 2
Matthew JESSOP 1
Declan POPHAM 2
Elliot MOORE 1
Joseph DYAS
Cameron BYROM