U16 - South Central Division

  • competition : U16 - South Central Division
  • date : 02/03/2019
  • time : 11:30
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Match Report

Oakwood Youth v GPS UK

We welcomed GPS UK to Test Park on an unusual sunny day in October.  The game was a well contested game of football by two sides.  Each team had their spells of having the upper hand.  I thought that the midfield battle was won by GPS with their number 16 dominating the centre of the pitch.

We didn't really test their goalkeeper as much I'd like and wasn't a game where I felt we really got going so for us something to work on. The thing that is disappointing for me is some of the off-field goings on that happened which ended up spoiling a decent game of football between two good sides.

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Oakwood Youth stats
NO name Goals G S B
Benjamin Puleo
Connor Ings
Riley Biddlecombe
James Moody
Tommy Farr
Tyler Green
Yumo Wan
Hannes Ulbricht
Luke Dixon
Daniel Haines
Lewis Goodwin
Leon Baker
NO name Goals G S B
Liam Smith
Emerson Jemil Park
Justin Davis
Abdul Shaw
Thomas Boyd 1
Anthony Hennis
Caleb Lucas 1
Luke Slade 1
Jose Manuel Maturion Da Silva
Ekramul Kasper Hok
Mario Shehu
William Wyatt
Theo Pennicott-Bowen 1
Jamie Toft
Leyton Basterfield