U13 - Midlands North Division

  • competition : U13 - Midlands North Division
  • date : 01/12/2018
  • time : 10:30
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match venue : Hodge Hill College  show in map

Match Report


Bcfc 3 - 2 bham st georges.



Blues played well but struggled to break down st georges.Blues were also defensivley strong and moved the ball forward well however itwas cut out by a hard pressing st georges side.



Blue again come out really strong for this quarter,however frustrations ran high leading to silly mistakes, players getting oneachothers backs and making the game a lot harder. As a result of this, weconceeded to goals very quickly putting us 2-0 down at half time.



After a team talk at half time, blues headed out withpassion to win the game. With new found motivation, blues managed to bag threegoals in quick succession in this quarter leading to st georges getting angryand causing a few off the ball issues with our players.



With there only being one goal in it, st georges pressedvery hard in the final quarter and tried everything to break our remaining teamdown, however blues played very well and kept compossue to see out the game.

  • Birmingham City FC
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  • RTC Bham St Georges
Birmingham City FC stats
NO name Goals G S B
Vano Biashvili 1
Dominic Nash
Charlie Douglas
William O'Rourke
Cristianval Julaosho
Daniel Walker
Shay Robinson
Tommie Nabi
Blake Kindred
Bailey Kirby 1
Alex Mulvey 1
Kai Eaton
Damian Kelly
Fraser Pratt
Elliott Bradley
NO name Goals G S B
Daniel Tricklebank
Hamza Naguthney
Dylan Adcock 1
Rayquane Green
Niall Driscoll
Alex Bowen
Charlie Johnson
Joshua Davies
Reuel Whittingham
George Jones
Bradley Jordan 1
Damien Price
Ajay Moran-Nabi
D’Andrae Bucknor
Connor O'hare