U13 - Midlands North Division

  • competition : U13 - Midlands North Division
  • date : 02/02/2019
  • time : 11:30
  • comment :
match venue : NBA B44 0HF show in map

Match Report

u13s game

chairman report ,,, what a fantstic game i was able to watch today end to end attacks ,exciting play and still after 80 minutes 0-0 some unbelievable saves by both teams keepers and would be surprised if they didnt end today with a award ,,,both teams played with passion and pride to do well and a draw was a fare result ...being at the game today ment i was anle to stand with both sets of parents and my only moan would be let your coaches coach as parents shouting instructions just confuses your child and slows his development ,you at some point probally played football ,nut now its your childs turn so RESPECT your clubs rules and let your coaches coach and enjoy the game ...other than that i would say thank you to both teams kids for a  entertaining and exciting morning ......

  • Birmingham St Georges RTC
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Birmingham St Georges RTC stats
NO name Goals G S B
Damien Price
Reuel Whittingham
Charlie Johnson
Ajay Moran-Nabi
Ben Hunt
Rayquane Green
Hamza Naguthney
Connor O'hare
Alex Bowen
Dylan Adcock
Joshua Davies
Bradley Jordan
Daniel Allden-Joseph
Niall Driscoll
D’Andrae Bucknor
Bailey Malone
NO name Goals G S B
Cristianval Julaosho
Bailey Kirby
Alex Mulvey
Charlie Douglas
Vano Biashvili
Dominic Nash
Shay Robinson
Terrence Beech
Blake Kindred
Kai Eaton
Elliott Bradley
Daniel Walker
Tommie Nabi
William O'Rourke
Damian Kelly