U12 - Midlands North Division

  • competition : U12 - Midlands North Division
  • date : 29/09/2018
  • time : 12:00
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Match Report

Stoke vs coventry

First qorter got on the way with 7v7 because of traffic problems but match was still played farly and at a fast tempo from both teams stoke have a few chances but didnt convert but coventry got two in when it whent to 9v9 both from misslade passess.

second qorter when like the first but conside a few from midfilders advanceing in the game to press and gave them chances to score in attacking areas.

third qorter this one had some heavy chalanges flying in and one conventry player got booked, but the player that got fouled drove forwads and scored.

forth qorter players wear feeling the strane from the grest work rate from the press, and from the speedy passing there where lots of player cort offsdie in this on as tirdness setting in which resulted in the game finishing 1-7 to coventry.

  • RTC Stoke White
  • match summary
  • Coventry Sky Blues
RTC Stoke White stats
NO name Goals G S B
Thomas Farmery
Jack Huxley
Charlie Edge
Izly Matthews
Tom Moran
Matthew Gough
Harvey Jackson
George Faulkner
Caelan Whitford Bull 1
Joshua Bath
Joshua Carter
Lewis Steele
NO name Goals G S B
Reece Middleton
Cavan Roberts 1
Theo Kennedy
Jamal Mazary
Finley Parrott 1
Thomas Wallis
Suleiman Alyazid 5
Keaton Blackbird
Nathaniel Kostka