U12 - Midlands North Division

  • competition : U12 - Midlands North Division
  • date : 13/10/2018
  • time : 12:00
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Match Report

stoke 1 vs 4 kettering

Stoke vs kettering

First quarter

This got off to a high tempo from both teams with stoke pressing well but the pass to open play to go forwards was brilliantly cut out, this battle was going on for the hole quarter with not many shots on goal from either team but with kettering having more of the ball.

Second quarter

The game was played at a high tempo with stoke pressing every time they could to try and stop passing lines which was successful in stages but the delivery of the pass let the down for one of the goals in this quarter. Kettering second Goal come from out side the box from stoke making some good tackles but the strike was to good so ended 2-0.

Third quarter

This quarter was one of the best from the weather taking hold of the goals and having to stop the game to change them, but didn’t affect the players still pressed high and had a few chances, stoke got a goal back from a early clearance from the defender and bounce over the keeper and when in.

Fourth Quarter

This quarter had a few injuries from great tackling but stoke did concede two but played very well with there press and movement. 



The game was very weighting to watch and both teams played very well during and should be proud of them selfs because improvement is the winner at the end of the day for both sides.

  • RTC Stoke White
  • match summary
  • Kettering Town Elite
RTC Stoke White stats
NO name Goals G S B
Joshua Carter 1
Charlie Edge
Lewis Steele
Izly Matthews
Jack Huxley
Tom Moran
Caelan Whitford Bull
Thomas Farmery
Joshua Bath
Matthew Gough
George Faulkner
NO name Goals G S B
Alex Fletton 1
Luke Jarvis
Hamdi jayden
charlie Cole
Brandon lewin
Kyle Hutchison
Logan Hughes 2
Thomas Westerby 1
Gedminas Grevisitis
Thomas Williams
Dylan Guzek