U12 - South Central Division

  • competition : U12 - South Central Division
  • date : 20/10/2018
  • time : 10:30
  • comment :

Match Report



good game betwen to good sides, Gps started slow and OSA were infornt in the first quarter and dominated the first half. Gps chaged the way we played in the second half and put OSA under more presure managing to get the equaliser GPS having the better chances to win the game hitting the bar twice. good solid game by both teams 

  • Procision
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  • Oxfordshire Skill Acquisition Academy
Procision stats
NO name Goals G S B
Luke Morecroft
Ashley Hill
Trishtan Best 1
Josh Andrews
Jacob Tait-Toussaint
Archie Simpson
Dillon Smyth
Bailey Jenner
Sam Waller
Finlay Tombs
George Down
Tane Newton-cook
Alfie Huntley
NO name Goals G S B
Benjamin Shaw
Seamus Harris
Tyrae Njogu
Joe Briggs
Jacob Humphries
Ciaran Murray
Dion Mukono
Aaron Lacey 1
Kai Source
Charlie Woods
Filip Wojcik