U13 Development Play-Offs

  • Procision
    Tylar Clayton 62, Gabriel Mensah 57, Ben Waters 63, Archie Denton 46
  • 4 - 5
  • Pompey in the Community
    Daniel Aitken 73, Ethan Quinlan 62, 79, Sam Hunt 69, Alexander Hulme 43
  • competition : U13 Development Play-Offs
  • date : 27/04/2019
  • time : 11:00
  • comment :
match venue : Rivers  show in map

Match Report

Procision 4-5 Pompey ITC

Frustrating game from a Procision perspective, seeing our boys winning 4-1 with 20 minutes left but unfortunately they threw it away and Pompey came out as winners at 4-5. Despite the result, the performance was excellent. The boys played out from the back throughout the majority of the game, showed good strength and power, as well as taking some good shots. Really enjoyed watching an entertaining game today, good luck to Pompey in the next round.

  • Procision
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  • Pompey in the Community
Procision stats
NO name Goals G S B
Archie Denton 1
Patryk Sopata
Luc Anfield
Ben Waters 1
Alex Quantaince
Jamie Macnamara-Mitchell
Gabriel Mensah 1
Eldad Adjei
Isaac Lucas
Breandan Whitlock
Tylar Clayton 1
James Edwards
Aidan McManus
NO name Goals G S B
Alfie Flux
Aaron Pullin
Jesse Page
Ben Curtis
Owen O'Neil
Alexander Hulme 1
Hywel Gronow
Sam Hunt 1
Jamie Truckel
Ethan Quinlan 2
Kevin Bosaka
Jake Clark
Daniel Aitken 1
Patrick Scarborough
Charlie Haward