JPL Cup U12 Group 21

  • competition : JPL Cup U12 Group 21
  • date : 07/09/2019
  • time : 10:30
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match venue : King Edward V1 Community College  show in map

Match Report

Match Report 07/09/2019 against North Somerset

North Somerset started the game with much more quality then Blues South West. They found themselves with a healthy lead after just 15 minutes because of Blues slow start. The game quickly evened itself out throughout the rest of the game but overall the mentality and fitness came into play meaning North Somerset increased their lead.Their game management could come into question with some harsh and dangerous challenges, off the ball incident and descent, not dealt with by the referee. Final score Blues South west 1 - 5 North Somerset.

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Blues Southwest stats
NO name Goals G S B
Harry Lusher
Daniel Mahoney
Alex Taylor
Taylor Gill
Samuel Greaves
Leon Martin
Tomas Amado

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