JPL Cup U13 Group 9

  • Bristol Inner City
    Louis Da Silva 79, Babacar Sar Barry 7, Zuriel Malembe 40, 74, Mamadou Babou 32, Tom Chaplin 5, 69
  • 7 - 6
  • Weston Super Mare
    James Topham 15, Jack Derrick 56, Jonas Hamman 24, 45, Reece Parsons 30, Jack Harding 47
  • competition : JPL Cup U13 Group 9
  • date : 21/09/2019
  • time : 09:45
  • comment :
match venue : BRUNEL FITNESS CENTRE BS15 1NU show in map

Match Report

BIC U13 vs. Weston-Super-Mare Academy U13

1st quarter:

BIC went 2-0 up within 6 minutes, playing some fluid football, whilst Weston stuggled to get to grips with the pitch size and danger areas when out of possession early in the game. Weston then got 1 back a few minutes later, after exploiting the spaces on the pitch when in possession, created by poor positioning/balance by the defence/midfield. The 1st period finished 2-1.

2nd quarter:

A much more even period, with both sides finding their feet on the big pitch. One of Weston's midfielders was displaying some great abilities both in reading the game, tackling and playing forwards for transitions, making it very difficult for the BIC midfielders to beat him in 1v1s. The game became much more strecthed, units started to break, and those weaknesses were exploited on both sides, with the 2nd period finishing 2-2 (4-3 overall).

3rd quarter:

Weston came into their own and dominated play, after a number of changes for BIC, Weston found much more success playing into midfield then exploiting the wide areas. This resulted in Weston scoring some good goals after recognizing BIC's weak spots, with this period finishing 0-3 to Weston. 

4th quarter:

BIC needed a strong, solid performance to try and get something from this game, with a few changes to the team, and some specific challenges/instructions, a number of key players performed their tasks to a high standard. From numerous positions, BIC players dominated in their 1v1s, played as a team and battled hard. Their efforts payed off, with a goal-line tap in, well struck shot beating the keeper after cutting in from the right wing, and a great looping effort from the space created on the edge of Weston's box. BIC went on to win the period 3-0, and win the match overall 7-6. 

An entertaining match for the neutral spectator, a great game to be invovled in for both sides. 

  • Bristol Inner City
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  • Weston Super Mare
Bristol Inner City stats
NO name Goals G S B
Tom Chaplin 2
Joshua Garland
Ryan Gisingizo Noble
Hakeem Vasileios Ariyoh
Mamadou Babou 1
Tyler Carey
Alfie Aston
Dawa Bob Graye
Prince Domena
Remell Small
Zuriel Malembe 2
Babacar Sar Barry 1
Jaharee Evans
Louis Da Silva 1
Kanye Mendez Gardener
NO name Goals G S B
Matthew Haynes
Jack Harding 1
Zack Hadley
Finley Hayes
Ellis Andow
Rhodri Delap
Reece Parsons 1
Ruben Lane
Lucas Smith
Kieran Morgan
Jonas Hamman 2
Jack Derrick 1
James Topham 1
Isaac Lawrence
Ollie Dadds