South West U13 Navy

  • competition : South West U13 Navy
  • date : 23/11/2019
  • time : 10:30
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match venue : Hartpury College GL19 3BE show in map

Match Report

Match Report

Gloucester entertained new comers to the JPL Cinderford Town at Hartpury College on the 4G pitch due to the recent weather. With both teams looking to kick start there season, both teams looked at this fixture believing this was this chance.

Both teams looked to play from the back as this seems to be the motto throughout football but were also not affraid to use route one to good effort. Throught out the quarters there was little to choose between the teams and to be fair it could have gone either way the first goalwould be key.

1st Qtr 

As mention earlier the game could go either way. Both teams look positive going forward but due to recent results the defences looked shakey,  thankfully both keepers were in fine form. the firts goal was key and thankfully for Gloucester it was them that got it through Jayden Esson would finished off a great killer pass by Oliver Hambling but like many games before where City have took the lead could the hold on.


2nd Qtr

Another tight affair between them, cracking game for the supporters as both teams tried to break through. 



3 Qtr

Who was going to come out for the second halfs and produce that performance to either go on to win the game or get back into it and to come away with a win or a draw. Once again there was nothing really between the teams so it was going to take a piece of magic from someone, a mistake or possilbly a scrambled goal that settled the tie. 

It was the latter and it went to the home as they managed to sneak it home through Haytham Zain tuck it home.


4th Qtr

This is it make or break couls Gloucester hold on to get their first win or could Cinderford get back into the game. It was Town that got the breakthrough through a great strike by Riley Phelps. Now for nerves to kick in for both teams could City hold on or could Town now get back into this game. 

both teams went for it and both keepers were in fine form. Who would get the next advantage? a goal to draw or a team to hold out for the win? Step up James Berry who settle City nerves with a cracking strike from the edge of the box into the far corner with 5mins to go. With that sucker punch Cinderford looked beaten for the first time in the game. 

City held out for the win


What a cracking game between to evenly matched sides 

the player choose their awards for each but the coaches are still picking the official awards 

Gloucester Choose the following for Cinderford 

Gold - No 1 - Alfie Tovey

Silver - No 9 - Declan Edwards

Bronze - No 6 - Ashton Croker

Cinderford choose the following for Gloucester 

Gold - No 1 - Ellis Passey 

Silver - No 6 - Fletcher Knight

Bronze - No 11 - Jas Dzwonkowski


  • Gloucester City Yellow
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  • Cinderford
Gloucester City Yellow stats
NO name Goals G S B
Samuel Beaumont
Ellis Passey
Ethan Lewis
Harry Noblet
Jayden Esson 1
Elisha Wright
Riley Roberts
Haytham Zain Al-Abidin 1
Fletcher Knight
Harry Anderson
Oliver Hambling
James Berry 1
Alfie Smith
Jan Dzwonkowski
NO name Goals G S B
Alfie-Jay Tovey
Riley-Jak King
Ashton Croker
Finn Wilson
Alex Cook
Riley Phelps 1
Charlie Snook
Kobi Cowburn-Badham
Kieran Pacheco
Charlie Wellsted
Ollie Taylor
Declan Edwards
Thomas Creed
Samuel Stephens