South West U16 Blues

  • competition : South West U16 Blues
  • date : 11/01/2020
  • time : 11:00
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match venue : Sedgemoor Campus 3G, Bath Rd, Bridgwater TA6 4DE show in map

Match Report

Saturday 11th January Taunton Youth U16 v Paulton Rovers U16

Q1. First league game back after the Christmas break and hopes were high in the Taunton camp they could match Paulton on the reverse fixture and start the New Year on a high.  Unfortunately for the first ten minutes Taunton looked liked they hadn’t got out of bed, let alone arrived at the pitch. With a strong wind against them, it was going to be difficult, however keep it simple, ball on the ground and play to feet. That said, it was obvious Paulton had more desire and determination and contained Taunton in their own half for the first half of the first quarter. Eventually after 15 minutes we saw some sign of life with a fantastic through ball to Luke Margetts, a little flick onto Albert Hacker who, in space has a shot only for it to go left of target. Three minutes later the ball passed through from Luke to Zach Sydenham sees another shot, this time over the top with the resulting ball out being hard fought and won by Ollie Wright, who seeing the run from Albert Hacker slots it through to him with Albert’s efforts winning a corner. An opportunity for a Taunton set piece, but snubbed out by Paulton.  First quarter and no score. 

Q2. Second quarter sees both Zach and Albert rested, Luke moved to a left-mid position and Olly Simkin and Toby Pike put up front. This time, Taunton from the off were a little more sprightly and catching Paulton off guard a great ball is put into the box for Toby to head it off the post. Pressure is maintained by Taunton and three minutes later Taunton repeat the move with Luke Margetts sending a ball for Toby to head it home, 1 – 0. No….. offside. Score remains 0 – 0. For twelve minutes of the quarter Taunton made their intentions clear and bossed the game. However not to be outdone, the Paulton players pull themselves together and pile on the pressure. Taunton dig in and the defensive back line of Dillon Croft, Jack Holmwood, Matt Dodden and Billy Bradbury supported by Charlie White sitting in front as CDM hold firm against a Paulton free kick, closing down and forcing a shot left of target. Ollie Wright had a great quarter with his intensity and work rate frustrating Paulton resulting in the final kick of the quarter going over the top of the bar.

Half time: 0 – 0

Q3. Zach was returned to the field In the right mid position, Olly Simkin dropped back to the left mid position, Ollie Wright replacing Dillon Croft (rested) and Albert Hacker replacing Noah Brown as CAM.  Again from the off Taunton started well, a great move by Zach saw Olly Simkin take a shot for it to be saved by the Paulton keeper. Taunton win a free kick which is on target but taken by the keeper with Paulton attacking and having a shot straight at Taunton keeper Charlie Buckley whose safe hands took the ball well. Six minutes in and play from Taunton becomes sloppy. Taunton concedes a free kick only for the ball to go over the top out of danger. Playing out from the back, Taunton are caught and another free kick is conceded two minutes later just outside the box. This time, Paulton make sure and a well struck ball hits the top of the net giving Charlie Buckley no chance. Nothing he could about that! Taunton 0 Paulton 1. It’s normally the way of things, but switching off from the start and with Paulton bolstered by their goal within two minutes they score again. It is amazing how quickly a game can switch. It takes five minutes for Taunton to rebuild momentum, however once they do a good four minute spell sees Toby Pike strike the ball from a free kick for the keeper to save then spill, but with no danger as no follow up. A Taunton corner well taken by Zach, but Ollie Wright sending the ball to the right of target, a Paulton shot on target saved and quickly returned to play by Charlie Buckley, with an intelligent ball sent up field by Ollie Wright only for the Paulton keeper to be quick off the mark coming outside his box beating the two Taunton Strikers to the ball.  End of the third quarter Taunton 0, Paulton Rovers 2.

Q4. With a view to becoming more attacking to get back in the game, Billy Bradbury is moved from left back to a  midfield position working with Albert leaving Jack Holmwood, Matt Dodden and Ollie Wright as a back three. Noah is back as CAM and Dillon Croft is placed up top with Toby Pike. Charlie White and Luke Margetts are rested. Quick off the mark it’s a positive start by Taunton. However an immediate counter by Paulton from the back sees some nice play cutting through Taunton resulting in a goal. Taunton are now 3 goals down. 

Billy is moved back to left back to regroup the back four. The response from the start sees a Taunton free kick just outside the box. Well taken by Toby Pike, it looked like it was in until a flying save from the Paulton keeper pushes it away.  Paulton on the break again and beating the Taunton mid-field, Charlie Buckley is once again under pressure and has no chance. Taunton 0, Paulton 4. Further adjustments to the Taunton squad, Charlie White is back on in place of Matt Dodden and Dillon Croft and Olly Simkin switch places. Taunton relax get back into the game, but four goals adrift the best they could hope for was a consolation goal, which despite their best efforts, never came.

Final Score: Taunton Town 0 Paulton Rovers 4

Taunton Awards

Gold: Billy Bradbury – A little terrier. Timing and decision making superb.

Silver: Ollie Wright – Great work rate, fantastic attitude, versatile in both the right – mid and right –back position

Bronze: Charlie White – Fantastic work in the first half closing down and covering the midfield space with Noah Brown. Focussed and determined.  

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Taunton Town stats
NO name Goals G S B
billy bradbury
Luke Margetts
Oliver Wright
Dillon Croft
Oliver Simkin
Albert Hacker
Charlie White
Zach Sydenham
Jack Holmwood
Noah Brown
Matthew Dodden
Toby Pike
Charlie Buckley
NO name Goals G S B
Kai Williamson
Owen Smith
Joseph Snarr
Jamie Thompson
Zac Rosenfield
Freddie Blacker 2
Harrison Newman 1
Ben Smith
William Rawlings
Sam Gerrish
Daniel Jarman
Joel Parry
Toby Vining 1
Sam Fordham
Kian Kearn
Alfie Williams