JPL One Midlands U13

  • Halesowen Town Colts
    Luke Postle 56, Dan Jones 36, 68, Calub Afful 28, 44, 64, Ryan Fletcher 37, 75, 8, Reagan Clarke 26, Mason Heather 11
  • 11 - 1
  • Corby
    Kyle Cairns 50
  • competition : JPL One Midlands U13
  • date : 30/11/2019
  • time : 10:20
  • comment :
match venue : Leasowes Sports Centre  show in map

Match Report

Halesowen v Corby

Corby started well with great energy and made it difficult for Halesowen.

Halesowen took the lead half way through the 1st quarter and went on to play some quality football, link up play and 1 and touch passing was great to see.

Halesowen extended their lead to make it 2-0 from a cross.

The 2nd quarter Halesowen continued to apply pressure and dominated the game keeping the ball well and creating and scoring good goals extending the lead to 5-0 going into the 3rd quarter.

There was nothing different in the 3rd quarter Halesowen firmly in control combining together and players expressing their skills to further extend their lead to 8-0 going into the final quarter.

The last quarter Halesowen didn't slow down extending their load with real quality in their build up play, Corby managed ta goal after Halesowen being caught in the midfield a quick ball through saw the Corby player calmly finish the ball, Halesowen went onto extend their scoring a further 2 goals, Halesowen played some impressive football and took on board their challenges.

All the best to Corby for the remainder of the season.

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Halesowen Town Colts stats
NO name Goals G S B
Mason Heather 1
Dylan Najran
Reagan Clarke 1
Ryan Fletcher 3
Ryan Worton
Caleb Darby
Calub Afful 3
Caiden Hawthorn
James Fletcher
Nathanael Hewett
Dan Jones 2
Patrick Wood
George Woods
Luke Postle 1
NO name Goals G S B
Amir Aleksandrovic
Christian Burton
Daniil Andrejev
Regan Joseph
Archie Mitchell
Sam Markham
Charlie Duck
Aiden McCann
Kyle Cairns 1
James Reilly
Joe Read
Nico Dorak
Harley Rigg
Max John Mulgrove