JPL One Midlands U13

  • competition : JPL One Midlands U13
  • date : 18/01/2020
  • time : 10:30
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match venue : Newcastle Under-Lyme College  show in map

Match Report

Stoke 2 - 0 Birmingham St Georges

First quarter 

Both teams started well showing good defensive blocks, to trader possession till stoke countered and scored the first goal of the game after 9 minutes. The rest of this was good technical display of patent passing and controlled pressing from both teams.

Second quarter

This was a good display of creative passing and a great midfield battle which resulted in a great display of patents of retain the ball.

Press from St George’s was great thing to watch and caused problems which showed good organisation from the team.

Third quarter

Was a controlled one in possession with great safe passes to advance up the pitch which was great to see.

Fourth quarter

This was a great quarter to be a spectator as both teams where looking to penetrate quickly to gather win the game or get something out of it with players flooding dangerous areas with a few good chances, but in this quarter from qa great penetrating ball to start the move off stoke score 2-0 finish.

  • Stoke RTC
  • match summary
  • Birmingham St Georges RTC T2
Stoke RTC stats
NO name Goals G S B
Ethan Laval
Charlie Edge
Henry Smith
Elliot Westenborg
isaac middleton
Louis Hartshorn
Jack Huxley
Joe Lee
Jacob Cartwright
Matthew Gough 1
Reece Stillie
Finlay Shore
Kristian Adams
Harvey Pickering
Lucas Cotterill
Campbell Oliver
Kane Allcock 1
NO name Goals G S B
Dawid Szkwarek
James Byrne
Ashley Burton
Ollie Armstrong
Krishan Kumar-Gill
Perfect Cubaka
Broklen Kanza
Harvey Mansfield
Reuben Hellyn
Sharnveer Dulay
Charlie Haycock
Jaydon Edwards
Harrison Postles
Zachary Jones
Timothy Renju
Ronny Nkuidjeu
Harry Ubogh