JPL One Midlands U13

  • Stoke RTC
    Kane Allcock 74
  • 1 - 7
  • Coventry Sky Blues
    Juppe Kwele 10, 15, 85, Mark Kintu 45, 55, Isaac stanford 42, Gabriel Boateng 70
  • competition : JPL One Midlands U13
  • date : 08/02/2020
  • time : 10:30
  • comment :
match venue : Newcastle Under-Lyme College  show in map

Match Report

Stoke 1 vs 7 coventry

First quarter 

The game got on the way while being very physical (overall) but far, the first goal came from a pen what was conceded from a run from good movement from the striker to be brought down.

Second goal came from a great build from stoke but got court on the brake 2-0 coventry.

Second quarter

After a heated second quarter 2 more goals came from corners for, Coventry both corners.

Third quarter

The third quarter was matched and both brakes kept each other out, was close with a lot of longer balls.

Once this happened exploited spaces from the second ball.

Fourth quarter

The final 3 goals came in this quarter 3 from good counters from coventry with stokes from a great individual effort to drive from the right to score. 


Both teams played well, with both teams coming away with a lot to learn and develop in training well done everyone who took part. 

  • Stoke RTC
  • match summary
  • Coventry Sky Blues
Stoke RTC stats
NO name Goals G S B
Joe Lee
Campbell Oliver
Lucas Cotterill
Ethan Laval
Jack Huxley
isaac middleton
Kristian Adams
Elliot Westenborg
Reece Stillie
Matthew Gough
Harvey Pickering
Louis Hartshorn
Charlie Edge
Henry Smith
Finlay Shore
Jacob Cartwright
Kane Allcock 1
NO name Goals G S B
Hayden Whitley
Thomas Wallis
Gabriel Boateng 1
Mark Kintu 2
Isaac stanford 1
Cavan Roberts
Theo Kennedy
Ben Blakely
Juppe Kwele 3
George Deavy
Reece Kennedy
Finley Parrott
Jamal Mazary
Nathaniel Kostka