JPL One Midlands U13

  • competition : JPL One Midlands U13
  • date : 22/02/2020
  • time : 09:30
  • comment :
match venue : NBA B44 0HF show in map

Match Report

Fantastic Game

What a game of football, with both teams looking to attack.

Credit to all players involved for the sportmanship.

The was end to end with both teams at different times during the game on top and looking to secure victory.  In the end neither could win the game and the draw was a fair results.

As always the games with Rushden are fantasic.

BSG 0-1 Rushden

BSG 1-1 Rushden

BSG 1-2 Rushden

BSG 2-2 Rushden

BSG 2-3 Rushden

BSG 2-4 Rushden

BSG 3-4 Rushden

BSG 4-4 Rushden

BSG 5-4 Rushden

BSG 5-5 Rushden

BSG 5-6 Rushden

BSG 6-6 Rushden

  • Birmingham St Georges RTC T2
  • match summary
  • Rushden & Diamonds
Birmingham St Georges RTC T2 stats
NO name Goals G S B
Sharnveer Dulay
Ollie Armstrong
James Byrne
Krishan Kumar-Gill
Aaron Brown
Jaydon Edwards
Ronny Nkuidjeu 1
Trayvon Nsenhi
Broklen Kanza 1
Joji Kitoko
Reuben Hellyn 2
Aman Kaung
Timothy Renju 1
Zachary Jones
Harvey Mansfield
Charlie Haycock
NO name Goals G S B
Reece Rhoades
Gregory Pannell
Zack Tarry
Joseph Potter 1
Dylan Flynn
Oliver Windridge
Finlay Grant
alexander thompson 1
Talia Warren
Harry Jackson
Mikey Dooley
Jack Harding
Tyler Allan 4
Ben Hartwell
Toby Penny
Connor Buswell