JPL One Midlands U14

  • competition : JPL One Midlands U14
  • date : 16/11/2019
  • time : 12:00
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match venue : NBA B44 0HF show in map

Match Report

BstG Well Beaten

  BsrG welcomed table toppers Rushden & Diamonds to the NBA on what turned out to be a very tough day!

Already depleted by injuries BstG suffered a number of bad injuries through the course of the game with the bench resembling a scene from A&E.

After finishing Q3 with only 10 players, Niall bravely went in goal despite being barely able to walk and both goalkeepers played out in Q4. 

Take nothing away from Rushden who are a strong well organised side with real pace and thoroughly deserved their win, scoring some great goals along the way.

  • Birmingham St Georges RTC
  • match summary
  • Rushden & Diamonds
Birmingham St Georges RTC stats
NO name Goals G S B
Ben Hunt
Alfie Ward
Noah Surrell
Callum Small
Hamza Naguthney
Freddie Wood
Shay Batham
Emanuele Chilemme
Cole Brittain
Matteo Chilemme
Rayquane Green
Niall Driscoll
Antoine Mathurin
Alex Bowen
NO name Goals G S B
Carter Oakes 3
Braydon Stewart 3
Cian Shea
Charlie Batty 1
Joshua Kilsby 1
William Leason
Thomas Nixon
Tyler Matthews
Alex Gomes
Corey Williams 8
James Hayward
Amari Hines
Harry Slaymaker 1
Luke Newton
Matthew Ellis
Nathan Ridler
Pharrell Blyde
Oliver Calvert