JPL One Midlands U14

  • competition : JPL One Midlands U14
  • date : 29/02/2020
  • time : 09:30
  • comment :
match venue : NBA B44 0HF show in map

Match Report

Match Report

Well done to Ruahall for some clinical finishing.

But special mention for the 8 u13's who played this week, in view of injuries and holidays, never gave up trying to do the right things. Great finish by Tim #development

  • Birmingham St Georges RTC
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  • Rushall Olympic
Birmingham St Georges RTC stats
NO name Goals G S B
Emanuele Chilemme
Alex Bowen
Matteo Chilemme
Harrison Postles
Timothy Renju 1
Broklen Kanza
Joji Kitoko
Cemayo Smithen
Hamza Naguthney
Harry Ubogh
Freddie Wood
Alfie Ward
klay bradley
Trayvon Nsenhi
Ben Hunt
Cole Brittain
Leo Matiya
Niall Driscoll

no information