JPL One Midlands U16s

  • competition : JPL One Midlands U16s
  • date : 04/01/2020
  • time : 11:30
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Match Report

home game after xmas break

we welcomed gresley today for the first game after the xmas break ,after a light training session from 9.30 to 10.30 the game kicked off at 11.30 .this did the boys well and started quickly knocking the ball around well making gresley work hard to get the ball and switched the ball well , big dulay popped up with a well timed header to make it one nil , we continued to dominate possession and our fullbacks today did fantastic with overlaps and supporting well , kam scored a 30 yard screamer just before half time 2-0 , gresley must have re organised for the second half and started to settle and play and again another screamer to make it 2-1 ,, bham edged it today and finished 3-1 after a newbold penalty , great to get back after the break and start well just got to remeber a game is 80 minutes long , we thank gresley who conducted themselves with fantastic sportsmanship and look forward to the rematch next week . 

  • Birmingham St Georges RTC Reds
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Birmingham St Georges RTC Reds stats
NO name Goals G S B
Charlie Deex-King
Sachkeenat Singh Dulay 1
Finley Surrell
Tyler Blake-Pearson
Samuel Badhan
Ethan Thorpe-Brown
Mitchell Barratt
louie newbold 1
Leslie Osuwa Omorodion
nitai gaura-daca
Daniel Makitadi
Daniel Barratt
oliver clifford
Kamil Bednarek 1
Alex, Michael Hickey
Jakob Green
NO name Goals G S B
Jordan Fretwell
Jacob Morris
Oliver Hadley
Noah Simpkin
Ben Winebloom
Niall Barks
Alexander Wragg
Bobby Watson 1
Tristan Sharp
Daniel Bradley
Joseph Shakespeare
Josiah Morrone
William Everett
Ciaran Saunt