JPL U12 Trophy Competition

  • competition : JPL U12 Trophy Competition
  • date : 21/12/2019
  • time : 09:30
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match venue : Taunton Vale Sports Club Ltd TA2 6LL Taunton show in map

Match Report

JPL Cup game vs Bristol Inner City

The pitch at Taunton Vale seemed to drain well with all of the recent weather and it was good to have the game on. 

Saints started with 8 in the first half after a few players were feeling ill upon arrival. 

BIC started quickly, as you can imagine, with the extra player, and at a high intesnsity, which quickly translated into an early goal for the away team. It was good play down the left, before a shot was taken from outside the box, which skipped off the wet surface and past the goalkeeper. Within about 10 minutes after the goal, one of the ill players thankfully started feeling more himself and came on to even the playing field. This led to a lot faster press and a boost to all the players' work rates. With this change of desire and energy, a loose ball was chased down by Cristian for Saints and tussled for, setting up Rory for a fantastic strike. The pendulum seemed to swing in Saints' favour, when a miscommunication at the back between the GK and CB, who went to head back to the GK but put it straight into the path of an anticipating Rhys for Saints, making it 2-1. BIC answered back with more possession and fantastic movement off the ball to receive. This led to another chance from outside the box, with a near identical goal for the away team. Saints seemed a little slow in transition to attack, with a few long balls going a miss for lack of availability, being picked up easily by BIC who kept moving the ball well. 

The 1st half finished 2-2. 

Just like the 1st half, although level with players this time, BIC started the more positive and were strong and aggressive from the whistle. This led to them gaining the lead again, as they were having great joy down the right, they managed to get in behind from a great block, which fell straight into the path of the right winger, who lashed it across the keeper into the bottom left to go to 3-2. Saints reacted well again and continued to have some nice passages of play, starting from the back in most occasions, with great intention to play nice football, for the most part. It was level at 3-3 when the ball fell kindly for the ill Jake outside the box, who caught it sweetly, going in over the keeper and just under the crossbar. It was wave after wave of attack from BIC after this, as Saints grew tired, having no subs available. It was only until the final minute of the game, where BIC converted from a corner, which seemed to hit every player in the box before going past the keeper for 3-4. 

All players, coaches, the ref and parents agreed that it was a fantastic contest from both teams, both looking to play nice football, with the away team coming out on top. 

  • Saints Southwest Somerset
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  • Bristol Inner City T1
Saints Southwest Somerset stats
NO name Goals G S B
Jake Shaw 1
Cristian Salata-Sousa
Anderson Dan
Trower Rory 1
Alex Poole
Finn Winters
Leo Caplin
Hellings Langdon Rhys 1
Joseph Gummer
Banwell Ollie
Alex Fish
Kamil Rozalski

no information