• competition : U12 CUP GROUP 12
  • date : 30/10/2021
  • time : 11:00
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match venue : Love Lane, Cowes PO31 7ES PO31 7ES show in map

Match Report

LJR Coaching Vs BRS

It’s a chilly start, both teams are ready to kick off. LJR wearing gold and black, BRS in red.

It’s a great start from both teams with BRS taking an early shot, but going wide.

BRS get the first throw in of the game, headed out by LJR for another BRS throw who press forward but cleared well by LJR’s number 7.

BRS are pushing for that early lead, with BRS struggling to get forward, but defending well and clearing the ball behind the goal line for a BRS corner and first corner of the game. Corner is taken, hits the side netting, and out for an LJR goal kick.

BRS gets the ball, they are quick going forward but the linesman flags for offside. Freekick awarded to LJR.

5th minute into the game, BRS press yet again, and slotting the ball past the LJR number 1 making it 0-1 to BRS.

BRS are looking the stronger of the two teams.

8th minute in, LJR’s number 11 is in on goal, but saved comfortably by BRS’ number 1.

With 14 minutes gone on the clock, LJR are looking for the equaliser with LJR’s number 7 going forward, cleared out for an LJR throw in, throw in taken, LJR’s number 10 and BRS battling well but LJR winning a free kick. Free kick taken, BRS defend well with BRS number 1 kicking the ball away.

BRS are in search for the second goal with a couple of shots with but the ball finally goes wide – goal kick to LJR.

BRS are awarded a freekick on the half way line, ball goes forward but the ref blows his whistle.

End of the first quarter 0-1

BRS kick off the 2nd quarter with LJR facing against the sun. LJR’s number 2 takes a quick throw deep in their own half to number 7, 7 passes to 8, BRS intercepts and is in on goal but the ball is cleared away nicely by the LJR’s number 1.

23rd minute and LJR having some nice play down the right hand side, LJR’s number 7 takes a bad challenge looking for a free kick but the referee gives an LJR corner.

BRS are pressing well, strong clearance by LJR’s number 2, straight into the hedge, ball punctured by a thorn…new ball required!!

LJR are looking the better of the two teams in this second quarter, BRS getting in a sneaky long range shot but saved well by LJR’s number 1.

BRS are battling well and still looking for that 2 goal lead, an amazing strong shot by BRS but saved well by LJR’s number 1 tipping it over the crossbar.

31st minute – LJR make a sub with number 10 making way for number 9.

32nd minute and BRs are pressing with a nice shot just going wide. LJR takes the goal kick with number 8 picking up the ball, the pass is a tiny bit too strong and goes straight into the hands of the BRS goalkeeper.

BRS and LJR’s number 3 are battling it out in the corner, with the ball finally going out for an LJR goal kick.

LJR are awarded a freekick on the left hand side in their own half, number 7 takes straight to number 11, but BRS are quick to the ball and is cleared away.

End of the 2nd quarter 0-1

Early shot on goal by BRS, who are given a corner, BRS takes a shot but is saved low by the LJR’s number 1.

Foul by LJR’s number 11, free kick to BRS taken with the ball going into the middle of the box, LJR clears an a BRS throw in is given but the ref stops play for a foul through and in return a throw in is given to LJR.

BRS are pressing with LJR’s number 11 getting stuck in fairly but the referee awards a free kick to BRS.

47th minute and BRS take a corner, great call by LJR’s number 1 to collects the ball and kicks the ball out quickly looking for the equaliser.

BRS are wanting that 2nd goal but LJR defending well keeping the score at 0-1.

50th minute and LJR are passing the ball superbly with a shot saved by the BRS number 1 out for an LJR corner. BRS defend well with the ball being battered about in the centre circle by both teams.

54th minute and BRS are passing the ball nicely across the field, LJR’s number 11 clears with a pass to LJR’s number 8 who shoots from the half way line and lobs the BRS goalkeeper to make it 1-1.

56th minute and BRS are awarded a freekick, headed off the line by LJR’s number 8.

58th minute, BRS going towards goal, ball shot and LJR’s number 2 unfortunately taps it into his own net.

BRS corner taken cleared away by LJR’s number 3 and the ref blow up to end the 3rd quarter.

End of the 3rd Quarter 1-2

LJR kick off the 4th and final quarter. BRS gain possession and passing the ball around nicely, nice interception by LJR’s number 10, passes to number 3 who kick outs for a throw in to BRS.

BRS are on the attack, cleared away by number 7, BRS get the ball back running through the midfield but eventually tackled and cleared away by LJR’s number 6.

BRS are looking for a third goal, kick behind for a BRS corner – short corner taken, some nice football being played, LJR’s number 8 makes a tackle but BRS are awarded a freekick by the corner flag.

LJR’s number 7 is trying to get the ball into the BRS half, but BRS battle well kicking the ball out for a throw in to LJR. LJR are pressing well with number 7 being fouled on the edge of the BRS’ penalty area but the ref waves play on.

69th minute, BRS are in on goal with a nice shot but LJR’s number 1 saves easily.

76th minute and a great shot by BRS  but saved well by LJR’s number 1 and out for a corner to BRS – a short corner is taken, shot goes well wide for an LJR goal kick.

LJR keep pushing for the equaliser, LJR given a throw in which is taken by number 8 to number 11, BRS clears the ball and the ref blows his whistle for full time.


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Frederick Howdle
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Samuel Turner 1
Wil Thornton
Harry Scowcroft
Finn Arnold
Riley Claxton
Harrison Marcham
Isaac Jose 1
Samuel West
Ivo Rees