• competition : U12 CUP GROUP 12
  • date : 20/11/2021
  • time : 11:00
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Match Report

LJR (Black and Gold) vs Fareham (Red and Black)

It’s a fairly even start from both teams in the first minutes of the game.  In the 7th minute good footwork from the home team number 12 gets the ball into number 7 who finds the net making it 1:0.  As the away team make an attack on goal, the home keeper jumps into the air to punch the ball away, clatters into the attacker and goes to the ground injured.  After 4 minutes of attention he leaves the pitch and is replaced in goal.  The ball makes it way to Gold number 7 who takes a shot on goal but it is saved.  The ball falls to number 8 who strikes again but again the home team are unlucky not to score.  Without their normal keeper, the Gold team need to work hard to defend.  As we come to the end of the first quarter, gold numbers 12, 8, 7 and 9 working well together in attacking the goal.

Gold start well in the second quarter.  Number 7 is defeated by a great clearance off the line by a Fareham defender.  Great end to end action on show.  A corner in the 24th minute leads to another away corner that is saved by the cross bar.  It falls to Gold number 7 who strikes at goal but it fires above the cross bar.  Gold numbers 2, 3 and 6 are putting up a great defence.  Number 11 for the home team makes a mistake with a back pass that falls to the away team who take full advantage and score in the 27th minute.  A corner to the home team in the 35th minute falls nicely for a header by number 8 but the ball goes wide.  The second quarter finishes 1 all.

In the 3rd minute of the 3rd quarter Gold number 11 has a great strike but the keeper in red punches it clear.  Gold defenders are gathered together and struggle to clear the ball.  Fareham manage to get a shot off but it goes wide.  In the 47th minute a short corner by gold number 10 finds their number 12 who takes a shot and finds the bottom corner of the goal.  A shot from Fareham is followed shortly after by a shot from the Gold team but both are saved.  A free kick by the Gold number 10 almost finds the goal in the 53rd minute but ends up landing into the keepers arms.  Gold have another strike on goal but it is yet again saved.  In the 57th minute, the home team have a lucky escape as a corner hits the cross bar.  After strong play, the away number 5 strikes at goal but his shot goes wide.  The third quarter finishes 2:1 to the home team.

In the 64th minute the home keeper makes a save and it lands for the away team to collect and have another shot at goal.  This leads to the home keeper making a superb leaping save and pushes the ball out for a corner in the 73rd minute.  The ball flies into the box from the corner and is directed into goal levelling up the teams.  In the 77th minute the away team almost tuck another one away but the ball just sails past wide.  The end of the match finishes after a final attack by both teams doesn’t find any results. 

Game finishes 2:2.

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LJR Coaching stats
NO name Goals G S B
Travis-jay Pitman
George Knight
Antony Yildiz
Owen Hodges
Lucas Pragnell
Efe Yildiz
Ashton Cox
Freddie Young
Kian Symmans
Joshua Herbert-Duff
Hadleigh Balloch
George Willey
NO name Goals G S B
Thomas Davison
Noah Seward 1
Riley Fisher 1
Ethan Heaver
George Evans
Alexander Tirvengadum
Ben Walker
William Milam Pink
Joseph Quinn
Ryan Rencsisofszki
Harry Killner
Jude Last
Max Sainsbury