Introducing STATSports’ all-new APEX Coach Series

Introducing the all-new Apex Coach Series 🔥

Is your team ready for the return of football and the Junior Premier League kick off?

Get the same team technology used by Liverpool, Manchester City, Paris St. Germain, Juventus, Manchester United, England, Brazil and Germany 📊👊

✅ Available on all laptops and tablets

✅ Ten metrics (six new) – see full list below

✅ Player comparison & Benchmarking

✅ CSV Export to share data easily

Take your team’s performance to the next level with Apex Coach Series 👉📊

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How much does the Apex Coach Series cost?

Apex Coach Series is free to use for your Squad.

What metrics does the Apex Coach Series track?

Apex Coach Series currently tracks ten key metrics to improve your players performance and reduce the risk of injuries. These are Total Distance, Distance Per Min, HSR, Max Speed, HMLD, No of Sprints, Sprint Distance, Accels, Decels and Calories. You will also be able to view On-field heatmap, Zonal Breakdown and Sprints

STATSports' APEX Coach Series

STATSports’ Entry Level Team System

The most powerful performance analysis device ever developed

High-speed downloads

Multi reporting options

Perfect correlation between live and downloaded data

Fully portable Live system

Scientifically validated GPS wearable

Introducing the all-new APEX Coach Series

Junior Premier League and STATSports official partnership