Why you should consider College Soccer

Following our partnership with Soccer Assist in June 2021, we have been working together to provide opportunities for players in the JPL to further their education in America whilst continuing to play the sport they love at the highest level.

Soccer Assist helps hundreds of boys and girls from the UK earn scholarships to study and play at College in the U.S.A.

What is a Scholarship?

Soccer Assist athlete Dan, in action for his College team.

A Scholarship provides a discount on your education costs. They are awarded to exceptional student-athletes who demonstrate excellence in their sport as well as their academics.

There are over 2,000 universities/colleges in America, all with different sports teams competing at different levels. Each team will be assigned a yearly budget by their college to spend on international athletes – That could be you!

Soccer Assist will help find the right college for each of their student athletes before negotiating the scholarship on your behalf. Considering the average cost to attend an American university is over $30,000, the average Soccer Assist’ student-athletes contribute  $4,000-$9,000 a year, and that covers accommodation, food & tuition. Meanwhile, Universities in England charge up to £9,250 for tuition alone.

Why America? 

If the savings you could make aren’t enticing enough, then consider the amazing facilities and destinations you could be traveling to.

Soccer players will train up to five times a week in some of the best facilities around. Matches are played across the country, meaning you could be traveling to renowned destinations such as California, New York & Florida.

All this whilst obtaining a degree in a subject of your choice.

Football Level

Soccer Assist athlete Jakob, in action for his College team.

Okay so they call it soccer, but it’s a sport that is growing and growing in popularity in the States. At collegiate level players from all over the world are competing to play for their University team. You are also likely to see more fans in attendance and have your games streamed online.

There are three University leagues that soccer teams compete in;


The calibre of athletes playing in this league range from academy to national players. Academic requirements are also high and therefore eligibility for this division is one of the toughest to achieve.

Student athletes can start off playing in the NAIA or NJCAA before transferring to a NCAA college. During this time, students have the platform to establish themselves, build up their statistics whilst proving they can compete at a collegiate standard.


NAIA colleges recruit a lot of international students in comparison to other divisions. However, coaches may not offer a large scholarship to new international athletes. Student-athletes can earn improved scholarship offers if they perform well for the team.

Senior soccer scouts from professional teams across America are renowned for scouring the NAIA leagues for international players.


The NJCAA should not be overlooked, as many successful soccer scholars have started their careers from Junior/Community colleges in this league. NJCAA colleges are initially cheaper and are only 2 years long. Students would then transfer to a 4-year institute in the NCAA or NAIA to complete their final two years.


University of Oklahoma

U.S Universities dominate the global academic institution rankings. Not only that, but students will have an unparalleled experience abroad and will graduate with a degree and C.V that stands out to employers worldwide.

A Bachelor’s degree in the U.S is recognised across the globe and with a sports scholarship on the C.V too, the opportunities and gates opened are an exciting one. 

To find out more about earning a soccer scholarship and register your interest visit soccer-assist.co.uk/apply


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